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Self Love Collection

  • Must have compressed leggings

    These babies come in 5 colors. The compression is amazing. Not . see . through atall and they are super thick

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  • Draya shorts

    Come in 7 colors. Has a wide waistband and non see through. Come is S-XL

    I want one 
  • Support me sports bra

    Holds them up and lifts as it shpuld. Can be use as a sports bra or an every day bra. Love the support it gives while working out. Comes in 8 colors

    Support me bra 
  • Hold me tight leggings

    These leggings aare warm inside. The compression is in the tummyh and fuppa area. Make sure to pull them all the way up to get the most compression possib le in the right area.

    Hold me tight leggings 
  • OMG Leggings

    Buttery soft, high waisted, non see through. These are your everyday leggings ladies.

    OMG Leggings